Since 2003, Universal Handlers, a group company of STFA HOLDING, has been an active player in forklift and warehouse equipment sector offering long term operational leasing services based on “Smooth Service” principle as well as selling and servicing Yale forklift and warehouse equipment.

Since its establishment, Universal Handlers has been offering operational leasing services to the leading enterprises in Turkey and, in April 2015, the company was appointed as the exclusive Turkish distributor of Yale, the leading forklift and forklift truck brand in the USA and fastest growing in Europe and it has been working and providing services to its customers as the sole representative of Yale brand for sales, service, spare part and leasing operations ever since.

Universal Handlers offers 24/7 service to its customers with over 100 service personnel working at workshops located in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Eskişehir and Adana. The company is capable of offering optimum solutions to meet stowing needs of its customers thanks to its experience and knowledge of many years.

A Global Giant of Forklift Sector: Yale®

137-old Yale, based in Ohio, USA, is one of the oldest brands in the sector. Yale, a company active in over 62 countries around the world with over 150 distributors, 12 production facilities and nearly 5400 personnel, has 3 main product groups: Diesel and LPG forklifts, battery operated forklifts and warehouse equipment.

Yale, having 3 plants in EMEA region (one of which is in Turkey), produces warehouse equipment in Italy, large forklifts in Holland and electrical, diesel and LPG forklifts in the Northern Ireland and the products are marketed in the Turkish market. This excellent production network is crucial for bringing products to the Turkish market in a short time.

Besides investing 40-million dollars annually in the R&D and design facilities located in 3 continents for constantly expanding its wide range of products, Yale embraces a philosophy defined as “5 Pillars of Wisdom”; “Productivity”, “User-friendly”, “Reliability”, “Ergonomy” and “Affordable total cost of ownership”.