Founded by two young engineers, Sezai Türkes and Feyzi Akkaya, following their big dreams to contribute to the development of the young country, STFA is proud to be a company that always brings innovation to the sectors it is operating since 1938.

STFA’s innovation journey dates back to its foundation and “engineering”, “design”, “solution” and “creativity” are in its DNA, corporate culture and history.  Being the first Turkish contractor to win tender abroad and always bringing in a new vision to its sector since 1938 STFA embodies innovation culture through pioneering innovations, developed techniques, invented equipment and new business models. A crane that can lift caissons of 1200 tons, tetrapod system used in port construction in our country and “the mole” tunnel boring machine (TBM) used first time in Turkey are few examples developed with this innovative spirit.

In STFA Holding, we are working to turn our solution focused approach into results that add value to our clients and society.  Key of our “sustainable success” is the use of our accumulated knowledge by all our group companies to produce new things. Based on this idea, we are encouraging all our employees to increase their creative capacity, think different and develop.

Taking into account the changing global standards, future visions, strategies and action plans of developed and developing countries, we construct our vision, strategies and action plans for “sustainable growth“ flexibly, dynamically and innovatively.

As changes and technological developments in the world are transitioning our lives, our group is also changing by transforming through our innovation strategies. We are getting ready for future through innovative, fast and creative growth strategies in our processes, organization, services and business models.

As STFA our aim in innovation is to create value and find an innovative idea that can embellish, enhance the globe, our customers’ business lives and lifestyles through looking at different perspectives. Understanding the existing and potential clients’ needs and problems that have never been solved or addressed well enough is the foundation of our innovation approach.

Identify the problem

Solve what you have identified

Develop the solution

Create value with what you develop

We are using innovation in the sense of “novelties that add value”, What we mean by adding value is; commercial earning as well as meeting a need and solving a problem for the client.

Improvement, simplification and quality improvement projects providing increased efficiency in STFA business processes as well as brand new solutions are also considered innovation. Our innovations are classified under five categories.

  • Products/ services innovation
  • Business model innovation
  • Process innovation
  • Marketing innovation
  • Organizational innovation

In our group, innovation is not the job of one particular department but it is adopted as our “business approach” throughout our group. We ground on innovative approach that is part of our corporate values, to be used in all our processes for our sustainable growth. Our corporate culture that adds value to our customers, and collaborations through holistic thinking structure and win-win approach constitute the foundation of our innovation perspective with all our employees.

With our Corporate Innovation Management System, we increase our employees’ awareness and carry on sustaining our corporate culture that helps them become creative and solution oriented.

With the corporate innovation system we have built, innovative methods to help us become more competitive, innovative ideas to turn into solutions that add value and contribution of all our employees are realized systematically.

Today STFA Construction Group, with its almost 80 years of experience is regarded as a “school” for many engineers and an engineering ecole for the sector. STFA with its numerous successfully completed projects both in domestic area and abroad always surmounts the difficulties with innovative solutions created on customer basis; not only lead the way in its sector via its innovation culture, but also proved that difficulties can be overcome by reformist perspectives.

STFA Energy Group Companies that operate within the body of STFA Investment Holding is bringing customer focused approach and innovative solutions to energy sector, representing STFA’s innovation culture outside the construction sector and keeping up with the developments in energy sector that benefits our country. STFA Machine Group Companies are monitoring technological innovation in construction and other engineering fields as well and are supporting innovation to become widespread in our country; through its heavy equipment agencies bringing solution focused technologies and cutting edge technology.

Innovation which is a significant part of STFA’s corporate culture is one of the most important values for our all employees from bottom to top. Under the leadership of our Executive President, new alternative technologies in main business fields around the globe are followed up continuously and in the light of analysis in existing business fields, potential opportunities are constantly explored in derivative fields and products.

STFA Investment Holding, focused on “Innovation” theme in 2015, started the development of “Blue Ocean” innovation Project. Within the scope of the project that aims to bring new perspectives to existing domains, developing innovative solutions and bringing new ideas for more fruitful projects teams from different departments that are focused on existing products and markets are created in all companies under the STFA Group. Following this restructuring, a structure is established for assessing the ideas derived from idea exchange within teams and holistic assessment therefore putting new ideas into practice.

A process of sustainable growth continuing at both employee level and processes level has been a significant value for STFA throughout its long history. Believing that success of companies does not only depend on its products and services but also to the value it adds to its society and awareness it creates in that society, STFA has undertaken major corporate social responsibility projects under this scope and have aimed to create utility for the society with innovative projects, especially in education. First international association of Khan Academy, which is the biggest free resource for education in the world, is operated through STFA’s initiative and it is regarded as a significant partner for innovation in education field. Responsibility taken on with an innovative understanding for sustainable future is one of the most significant elements of our corporate culture and STFA Investment Holding’s core values.

STFA’s Innovation Vision is to become the first designer, developer and enabler of innovations now and always; to identify changes, opportunities, trends, expectations and needs as early as possible and provide suitable and unique solutions accordingly.

With our innovative line of vision and high energy we focus on holistic benefit and keep on working to reach our sustainable growth target.

STFA Innovation Bulletins