Enr Ödül Töreni


Annually announced by the international construction industry magazine ENR ;
World Largest 250 International Contractor List” awards been presented on Wednesday 25th December at the event held by Turkish Contractors Association (TMB). STFA Construction Group was deemed worthy of an award within the scope of 2019 Overseas Activities.

STFA is in the First 100

STFA is in the First 100 of “ENR 2010” List

STFA finds a place in ENR, which is published in States, journal’s top 225 international contractors list over the last 20 years. Rising its place 18 steps this year STFA is 96. in the first 100.

Previous year STFA also rised its place 35 steps and as it is seen that either increasing the international turnover or rising the place at the lists, STFA is one of the pioneer companies. Additionally, this year it is seen also that, STFA is one of the two top Turkish Contractor companies at both total and international turnover growth.