Final Acceptance Letter Has Been Received For Safi Port Project

Final acceptance letter has been received on 20.11.2020 for “Safi Port” Project, which was undertaken as STFA Deniz İnşaat A.Ş. by the contract signed on 07.03.2013 with the Ministry of Equipment and Transport.

The project consists of construction work for the New Port of Safi: Protection Structures, Coal Dock, Service Dock, Dredging and General Backfills; Main Breakwater and Lee Breakwater (approx. 3000 m), Coal Berth Quay Wall, Service Quay Wall.

20th Anniversary in Qatar

As the first Turkish contractor company since 2000, we are delighted to celebrate our 20th Anniversary in Qatar and excited to achieve future projects.

First Ship Is Docked At Coal Dock – Safi Port Project

The first ship has been docked at Coal Dock on the 22nd of February after receiving the substational completion certificate of New Safi Port Project (MASPP) at 23 February 2019.

It is learned that the ship carrying  49.000 tons of coal with 1600 tons/hour unloading capacity and material to the thermal power plant, will be used for testing the conveyor system of which the whole system will start to work as of April 2020 and coal will be brought by 80.000 capacity vessels.

We Sponsored Oman Transport Infrastructure Summit 2013

We Sponsored the Event “Oman Transport Infrastructure Summit 2013”.

STFA Construction Group has become a sponsor for the “Oman Transport Infrastructure 2013,” that took place in Oman Muscat Grand Hyatt Hotel between September 8-10, 2013, discussing infrastructure projects in Oman.

Mandated by Omani Ministry of Transportation, the event was attended by senior officers from a number of ministries and municipalities, as well as by many international construction companies.

Mr. Mısırlıoğlu (Vice President of STFA) gave a presentation titled “Challenged in Transportation Projects – A Contractor’s Perspective.”

New Contract in Turkey

We signed a Contract for the İzmit Refinery B Zone Jetty and Quay Construction in Turkey

A contract has been signed on June 20, 2013 at Tüpraş Izmit Refinery Administration for the “İzmit Refinery B Zone Jetty and Quay Construction” project on which we as STFA Construction had placed a bid. The signing ceremony was attended by the TÜPRAŞ and STFA senior managements.

Yarımca Container Terminal

STFA – MAKTAŞ – JDN Consortium Has Received the Letter of Award for the Yarımca Container Terminal Works

STFA Deniz İnşaatı İnşaat San. ve Tic. A.Ş. has received a letter of award on the 04 September 2008 for the “Yarımca Container Terminal Works – Civil Works Contract”.

The Client is DP World.

The total value of the project is 163,079,329 EURO, and STFA’s part shall be 85,614,280 EURO.

The period for completion the works shall be 730 days.

The scope of the project shall consist of a combination wall structure for the main and side berth each approximately 450m; reclamation / filling of the area in between the two combi-wall structures, slope revetment and dredging of the existing seabed.

Manifa Causeway

STFA is to take part in Manifa Causeway

Jan De Nul NV had applied for the tender of Saudi Aramco’s Manifa Oil Field Redevelopment (Engineering, Procurement and Fabrication of Manifa Causeway) Project together with STFA Marine Construction Company on 28.November.2006.  The value of the tender was 1,005,000,000 US Dollars and with this price Jan De Nul NV has been awarded the project and signed a contract with Aramco on 4.February.2006.

The aim of the project is to construct 27 drilling islands at Persian Gulf, Manifa Region and to link these islands to each other and also to the land by a causeway consisting of roads, bridges and culverts in order to transfer the oil that shall be drilled from the islands by a pipeline.

Following the contract signature with Saudi Aramco, Jan De Nul NV has signed an EPC back to back contract with STFA Marine Construction Company for a value of 202,500,000 US Dollars at STFA Business Center in Istanbul on 2.March.2007.

The contract of STFA covers the design and construction of pavement and infrastructure works of 41km causeway, north and south berths and also ro-ro facility. The main work items of the causeway are the construction of a main bridge with 2.4km length, 5 nos of bridges each having 180m length and construction of 8 nos of precast culverts consisting of 250 nos of 5mx3mx3m segments.

Artell Koytür BUYAKA Projects

STFA has received the Temporary Completion Certificate for the 1st and 2 nd Phase of the Artell Koytür BUYAKA Projects Building Pit Construction.

For the shoring works of The Artell Koytür Çekmeköy Residence’s Phase 1 and Phase 2 Foundation Pits, STFA has received The Temporary Completion Certificate on 1 March 2007. The contract was signed on 15 June 2006 between STFA Temel Pile Construction Co. And Artell Koytür Tourism Construction Industry and Trade Co.

The project scope also covered the soil improvement works of the foundations for 3 towers with 28 storeys. Design process continues in guidance of the accomplished soil investigations.