The STFA Group celebrated its 75th year in 2013, when it opened to the public its historic firsts and archives that unfolded the milestones of the evolution of engineering in Turkey.

The exhibition km. 441 – Firsts at Istanbul Modern, tells the story of engineering in Turkey dating back to the1930s.

The exhibition’s title km. 441 was the code name of a reinforced concrete bridge which was one of the first products of the partnership between engineers Sezai Türkeş and Feyzi Akkaya, founders of the STFA Group. Selected from the 75-year archive of the STFA Group, the exhibition focuses on firsts in the fields of construction, architecture, and engineering in Turkey. While the photo archive Feyzi Akkaya built up with the camera he carried throughout his life reveal the urban change Turkey has undergone, km. 441 – Firsts maps out Turkey’s past in the field of public works through the numerous drawings, plans, slides, and 8 mm. films selected from the extensive archive of the STFA Group.

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