STFA And The Korean Giant HYUNDAI Elevator Have Signed A Partnership Agreement

STFA And The Korean Giant HYUNDAI Elevator Have Signed A Partnership Agreement

Making a powerful entry into the Turkish Market in 2010 with the collaboration of STFA Group, the Korean Giant Hyundai Elevator; carried its decision to invest in Turkey one step further with the partnership agreement it has signed. The company, with 51 percent of the shares in the new structuring will continue its activities as Hyundai Elevator Turkiye. Achieving its highest success rate outside Korea, China and India in our country was instrumental in this decision of Hyundai Elevator which carries out big and high-quality projects in the World such as subways and train stations as well as various airports, business centers and skyscrapers.

Hyundai Elevator, which also plans to manufacture in Turkey, is intending to position Turkey as a base for managing business in the Balkans and the Eastern European market.

With the partnership agreement, Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd. has owned in a rate of 51 percent majority stake. This investment in Turkey is an important indicator in terms of foreign investment and confidence in our country as Hyundai Elevator considers Turkey as an example of a successful foreign market among its global operations.

In the signing ceremony that was held at STFA Holding on July 19, 2016; Hyundai Elevator CEO Bob Jang, Hyundai Elevator CSO Crispino KJ Song, Hyundai Elevator’s Head of Global Strategy & Dev. Dept. Hanbaek Joe, Işıklar Holding Board Member Uğur Işık, STFA Group Board Member Alp Taşkent, STFA Group CEO Yetik Kadri Mert, Hyundai Elevator Turkiye Managing Director Hakan Ek participated.

STFA’s First Sustainability Report Received Three Awards In The U.S.

STFA Investment Holding’s first sustainability report received three communication awards at the 2014 Inspire Awards Corporate Publishing Competition, organized by the U.S.-based communication platform, LACP LLC (League of American Communications Professionals).

Our report, considered in the Hybrid Media (Combination of Print, Web/Multimedia and/or Video) category, distinguished itself among thousands of applications from 12 countries in Asia, Europe and America.

Evaluated in nine separate criteria, as varied as creativity, artwork, readability, message clarity, ease of navigation, variety of features, audience focus, perceived relevance and first impression, our report earned a perfect 100 points from the judges and earned the awards listed below.

2014_All-Entries Best-in-2014_All-Entries 2014_Hybrid-Media

New Project Of Al Habtoor – STFA Soil Group

Al Habtoor–STFA Soil Group LLC has received LOI (letter of Intent) on March 29, 2015 to sign contract for the “Enabling Works of Royal Atlantis Project, on Palm Jumeirah, Dubai – U.A.E” Project. It is located on the crescent of The Palm and next to the Atlantis Hotel, the resort will stand 46 stories tall and feature private gardens and infinity pools.

The Client is Atlantis The Palm Limited, the PMC is Faithful and Gould and the Consultant is WSP. Our scope includes 992mt sheet piling works, 70,000m3 excavation works and total 2,282 number of building piles from 24m to 32m. The diameter of piles are from 750mm to 1500mm

STFA Won Qatar Doha Metro “Gold Line” Tender

STFA, Within a Consortium of Five, Competed Against World’s Biggest Companies and Won Qatar Doha Metro “Gold Line” Tender for $4.4 billion

STFA, Turkey’s leading construction company with important and prestigious construction projects domestically and abroad, have won the “Gold Line” tender, the largest line within the Qatar Doha Metro, as part of a consortium of five, named ALYSJ.

The Gold Line tender, one of the investments being made in preparation for 2022 World Cup, is the biggest project in Qatar for this purpose with a cost of $4.4 billion.

With the signing ceremony held on April 23, 2014, STFA with its partners achieved the biggest tender ever won by Turkish contractors abroad.

Construction projects proceed without slowing down in the Gulf country Qatar, which will host the 2022 World Cup. Many companies from Turkey and around the world have put in for the projects in Qatar, which include Metros, underground stations, railroads, stadiums, shopping malls, hotels, highways, bridges, immersed tunnels and reservoirs. About 700 companies showed interest in one of the most important of these projects, the Doha Metro tender, and 70 joint ventures made up of 290 of these companies submitted competency files. The employer lowered the number of joint ventures first to 32, then to 18 and invited these joint ventures for the tenders. The $4.4 billion-worth Gold Line packet of the Doha Metro, made up of four main lines, was signed by STFA and its partners.

This project reinforces STFA’s presence in Qatar and the Middle East as well as the strategic positioning as the leading international constructor.

Enerya Associated With Partners Group

Partners Group of Switzerland, one of the world’s foremost financial institutions, has become a party to Enerya, the company handling STFA Investment Holding’s energy investments, to the tune of 30% of its shares. This deal brought Partners Group into the Turkish energy market with such a sizeable investment.

Enerya, one of the most important actors in the Turkish energy sector, will continue its rapid growth with a foreign partner that’s influential in international markets. Partners Group and STFA Investment Holding announced their partnership in a signing ceremony that took place at the Çırağan Palace on September 4. The ceremony was attended by STFA Investment Holding CEO Mehmet Ali Neyzi and Enerya General Manager Aslan Uzun, as well as Head of Private Finance and Board Member René Biner and Head of Private Infrastructure Investments Brandon Prater on behalf of Partners Group.

Partners Group, of Switzerland, is one of the world’s biggest private funding, infrastructure and real estate investment companies with its turnover of 30 billion Euros. Group’s investments, with the funds it manages for its international investors, include two natural gas cycle plants in North America with a total capacity of 1500 MW, “Madrilena Red de Gas” company that handles natural gas distribution in the Spanish capital Madrid, Mexican pipeline operators “Fermaca” with its daily capacity of 1.2 billion mmbtu and “Japan Solar,” installing and constructing solar farms all around Japan. With this deal, Partners Group will combine forces with STFA Investment Holding under the Enerya umbrella and make joint investments in the energy sector, natural gas distribution chief among them.

SİF Construction Equipment Moved Into New Headquarters At Orhanli

SİF Construction Equipment moved its headquarters from Maltepe, where it’s been providing services for 10 years, to its new building in Orhanlı-Tuzla. The increase in the number of personnel as well as the need for a bigger warehouse for replacement parts, directly proportional to the company’s workload, led the company to this pursuit. Work life in the new offices, picked after a thorough search and designed to fit the needs, began in August.

Offering the employees a much more contemporary and comfortable workspace compared to the Maltepe office, the new headquarters has twice the office space at 1.600 m2, and four times the warehouse space at 2.100 m2. The 135 m2 PDI center and the 3.600 m2 open area that allows for the equipment to be exhibited are much larger than the Maltepe office. With the amenity space on the top floor of the three-story center that includes a café, gym, lounge and auditorium, SİF Construction Equipment is a candidate to be the Google of Turkey’s construction equipment sector.

Growing Stronger With New Clients

Universal Handlers, working on long-term leasing of forklifts and warehouse equipment since 2010, grows stronger with new clients. Serving almost all sectors of the economy, Universal Handlers creates a difference with experience in various sectors and service level.

One of the important clients to join the company’s portfolio in the second quarter of 2014 was Golf Food. Serving under Yıldız Holding, Ülker Golf Food has been active in the production and marketing of ice cream and other refrigerated products. Golf has a yearly production of 160 million liters and markets its products in 13 countries. Universal Handlers first began working with Golf Food on electric forklifts at their Bursa plant. As Ülker Golf expressed their pleasure with the service level provided by Universal Handlers, the cooperation between two companies is expected to continue and grow.

Another important addition to the client portfolio was Kılıçoğlu Tiles. Having been active in the construction elements sector for years, the company is one of the oldest in its field in Turkey. Maintaining its position as the leader of its sector, Kılıçoğlu markets pressed bricks, furring bricks and terra cotta floor tiles needed for constructions as well as roofing systems for long-term solutions of perfect roof tiles and roof details. Having been active since 1927, Kılıçoğlu has a yearly production capacity of 8 million m2. Having started working together at the company’s Eskişehir operation, Universal Handlers aims to increase its cooperation with the Kılıçoğlu Group.

You Can Learn Anything

Khan Academy Türkçe launched the beta version of its new website, which includes a wealth of sophisticated functions designed in Turkish such as interactive exercises, control panel for teachers and parents, guiding and reporting algorithms at After a dedicated work seeing the contribution of voluntary translators, Khan Academy Türkçe got ready to kick off remarkable innovations for the new educational year by expanding its portfolio of around 3,000 Turkish videos with more than ten thousand of tests and exercise questions.

A critical feature of the platform boasting a plenitude of innovations is the capability for parents and teachers to monitor the progress, learning pace, study time of, and challenging topics and other similar important data for students. Khan Academy Türkçe now allows parents to figure out whether their children use the PC or tablet for studying or surfing on the Internet, and how studying on the computer affects their success. Thanks to the capabilities offered by the new system, parents and teachers are able to extensively monitor what topics are challenging for the kid, and in which subjects the kid is successful, or to say briefly, all areas of strength and weakness.

Khan Academy Türkçe does not exclusively appeal to students. Khan Academy Türkçe offers averagely eight- minute long educational videos structured in a friendly language for anyone intending to learn. You can improve your abilities in a wide variety of topics spanning from basic operations to differential equations in Math, from medicine to art history, and you can reach all of this content without paying any fee. Khan Academy Türkçe is accessible anytime anywhere whenever you want to refresh your knowledge, learn new content or gain an in- depth understanding of a tough topic you could never master otherwise. With a personalized approach to education which is based on mastering the subject, Khan
Academy Türkçe offers the opportunity to learn at the pace that fits best to every
single individual.

Khan Academy continues to grow rapidly not only in Turkey, but in the whole world. Every month, educational content in Khan Academy serves 10 million students, and
350 thousand teachers use Khan Academy as an education tool in their classes. 4 million exercises are solved every day and the number of exercises answered to date is over 2 billion. Kicked off by Salman Khan’s aspirations, Khan Academy is translated into 28 languages today and is in use in as many as 200 countries. Thanks to STFA, Khan Academy Türkçe is proud to be the first international partner.

You only have to know one thing, you can learn anything!
Khan Academy is getting ready to appear in the social media through a new campaign aimed at increasing the social awareness about the fact that intelligence is not an inborn constant, and learning is not limited to age or school. Approximately one year after its launching in Turkey, Khan Academy campaign with the motto “We are born to learn. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you only have to know one thing, you can learn anything!” emphasizes once again the equal opportunities in education and possibilities created by Khan Academy to access knowledge for anyone at any age and anywhere. Believing in that knowledge should be freely accessible to whoever needs it, Khan Academy pursues the belief that everyone can learn, self development is possible with new knowledge, and the mind can be developed and sharpened. Learning is the onset of everything, and Khan
Academy, the biggest classroom of the world, invites you to a lively learning experience

Khan Academy Türkçe And Turkcell Akademi Cooperation

Khan Academy Türkçe and Turkcell Akademi Cooperation

On a mission to provide a free world-class education to anyone, anywhere, Khan Academy videos are now available in Turkcell Academy, as a result of the collaboration with Turkcell.

Turkcell has recently launched its education platform, Turkcell Academy. As a result of the cooperation between Turkcell Academy and Scientific and Technical Publications Translation Foundation, an STFA foundation, Khan Academy became the major content provider and the lessons in Turkish are now being streamed on Turkcell Academy. Aiming to provide a free world-class education to anyone, anywhere, Khan Academy Turkish lessons are now expected to reach many more users with Turkcell’s support.

Khan Academy’s content is completely free of charge and available to anyone.

With over two thousand educational videos translated into Turkish so far, Khan Academy provides  a personalized education experience at one’s own learning pace. Thanks to the cooperation between Turkcell Academy and Khan Academy Turkce, these educational opportunities will be made even easier to reach.

Two New Projects İn Oman

We signed a Contract for the Musannah Fishing Port Project &We received an invitation for Musannah Treatment Plant Project , We signed a Contract for the Musannah Fishing Port Project

We signed a contract for the “Musannah Fishing Port” project of Oman Ministry for Agriculture and Fisheries on December 5, 2013.The contract was signed on behalf of the Ministry for Agriculture and Fisheries by the minister, H.E. Dr. Fuad bin Jaafar al Sajwani, and on behalf of STFA by the member of our Board of Directors, Mr. Nur Taşkent.

The project is in the town of Musannah, 160 kilometers from Muscat. The project includes the construction of a wharf of 150 meters, and breakwaters of 1627 meters as well as dredging works of up to 5 meters in depth.


We received an invitation for Musannah Treatment Plant Project

We received an invitation from the Directorate General of Wastewater of Oman Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources for the “Musannah Sewer System and Treatment Facility” project. We’d placed a bid for the project on February 18, 2013. The employer informed us with a letter on December 15, 2013 that we won the tender and invited us to sign the contract.

Included in the project are HDPE and UPVC sewer pipelines of 65 km in length and 200 to 500 mm in diameter and construction of one pumping plant and water supply station, as well as design and construction of one wastewater treatment plant (oxidation-type treatment plant).