Enerya Associated With Partners Group

Partners Group of Switzerland, one of the world’s foremost financial institutions, has become a party to Enerya, the company handling STFA Investment Holding’s energy investments, to the tune of 30% of its shares. This deal brought Partners Group into the Turkish energy market with such a sizeable investment.

Enerya, one of the most important actors in the Turkish energy sector, will continue its rapid growth with a foreign partner that’s influential in international markets. Partners Group and STFA Investment Holding announced their partnership in a signing ceremony that took place at the Çırağan Palace on September 4. The ceremony was attended by STFA Investment Holding CEO Mehmet Ali Neyzi and Enerya General Manager Aslan Uzun, as well as Head of Private Finance and Board Member René Biner and Head of Private Infrastructure Investments Brandon Prater on behalf of Partners Group.

Partners Group, of Switzerland, is one of the world’s biggest private funding, infrastructure and real estate investment companies with its turnover of 30 billion Euros. Group’s investments, with the funds it manages for its international investors, include two natural gas cycle plants in North America with a total capacity of 1500 MW, “Madrilena Red de Gas” company that handles natural gas distribution in the Spanish capital Madrid, Mexican pipeline operators “Fermaca” with its daily capacity of 1.2 billion mmbtu and “Japan Solar,” installing and constructing solar farms all around Japan. With this deal, Partners Group will combine forces with STFA Investment Holding under the Enerya umbrella and make joint investments in the energy sector, natural gas distribution chief among them.