Growing Stronger With New Clients

Universal Handlers, working on long-term leasing of forklifts and warehouse equipment since 2010, grows stronger with new clients. Serving almost all sectors of the economy, Universal Handlers creates a difference with experience in various sectors and service level.

One of the important clients to join the company’s portfolio in the second quarter of 2014 was Golf Food. Serving under Yıldız Holding, Ülker Golf Food has been active in the production and marketing of ice cream and other refrigerated products. Golf has a yearly production of 160 million liters and markets its products in 13 countries. Universal Handlers first began working with Golf Food on electric forklifts at their Bursa plant. As Ülker Golf expressed their pleasure with the service level provided by Universal Handlers, the cooperation between two companies is expected to continue and grow.

Another important addition to the client portfolio was Kılıçoğlu Tiles. Having been active in the construction elements sector for years, the company is one of the oldest in its field in Turkey. Maintaining its position as the leader of its sector, Kılıçoğlu markets pressed bricks, furring bricks and terra cotta floor tiles needed for constructions as well as roofing systems for long-term solutions of perfect roof tiles and roof details. Having been active since 1927, Kılıçoğlu has a yearly production capacity of 8 million m2. Having started working together at the company’s Eskişehir operation, Universal Handlers aims to increase its cooperation with the Kılıçoğlu Group.