Khan Academy TR Celebrates its 5th Anniversary!

The first international initiative of the world’s biggest free online educational platform Khan Academy, founded by the STFA Group, Khan Academy TR celebrates its 5th anniversary. Operating under the roof of the STFA foundation, the “Foundation for Translation of Scientific and Technical Publications”, Khan Academy TR continues to grow as a movement of corporate social responsibility and volunteering , with the aim of providing equal opportunities for all in education.

Khan Academy TR lessons reach out to schools all around Turkey through a protocol signed with the Ministry of National Education. Khan Academy’s library includes a wide range of subjects from Math to Astronomy or from Art to Finance. Khan Academy’s library is not limited to students but provides an opportunity to anyone to improve themselves with the idea of lifelong learning. The platform draws a personalized learning map for each user, offers thousands of videos, articles and interactive exercises. Khan Academy is available in 36 languages today, used by 100 million students and 2 million teachers in schools every year. Being among one of the most important digital content providers in Turkey, Khan Academy TR is a stakeholder in the educational reform taking place all around the world as well as in Turkey.

Khan Academy TR has delivered 60 million online lessons in 5 years and has reached out to 10 million learners. Some of them were able to get into university and others obtained their university diploma thanks to those lessons. While some students could finally grasp the subject they had not understand back in high school, others mastered a topic they had imagined to study in the school of their dreams… Khan Academy TR became the biggest school in Turkey for anyone who wants to learn… This is not a source of pride only on the part of the Khan Academy TR team, but the whole the STFA family. At STFA, we believe that building the future can only happen through investing in the youth and we continue working with all our strength to carry our country forward on the path blazed by our founders. We consider ourselves as having reached our aim if we enlightened the future of even one single person…