2013′s STFA Group Intercommunication Meeting was organized on the concept of “People and Innovation.” In the meeting’s opening speech, STFA CEO Mehmet Ali Neyzi said: “There’s no innovation without people. This is why we picked the concept of this meeting to be ‘Human and Innovation.’ We’ll be going back and forth between these two concepts all day.” Neyzi touched upon the importance of profitability for companies in his speech, and declared that with the innovation efforts in STFA Group’s agenda for the year of 2014, they will meet their profitability goals. Mehmet Ali Neyzi announced that STFA Yatırım Holding’s vision is determined to be an IPO (initial public offering). In the conclusion of his speech, Neyzi said: “At last year’s Construction Group intercommunication meeting, I said that STFA was an archipelago. This year I can gladly say that we are a strong world now. STFA is now a strong group with all of its parts united.”

Construction, Energy and Machinery groups shared innovative works being conducted within their groups with the participants. At the Human Resources session held before the group sessions, Human Resources managers from all group companies mentioned the importance of innovation to the STFA Group, and gave information about the Human Resources practices on a company basis.

“STFA Construction Group started implementing innovative ideas”

At the Construction Group session, President of the Construction Group Mustafa Karakus and his colleagues gave information about the works being done within the group.

In his speech on innovation, Mustafa Karakuş mentioned the procedure implemented group-wide two years ago that facilitates sharing of innovative and creative ideas. He said that so far, three ideas that were shared through this procedure have been deemed worthy of conceptualizing.

Mustafa Karakus mentioned in his speech that they handle innovation in terms of three topics: “information,” “comfortably sharing innovative and creative ideas groups,” and “R&D applications.”

In the Construction Group meeting, group employees informed the participants about different innovation works being done in their field and in STFA projects.