SİF Construction Equipment Moved Into New Headquarters At Orhanli

SİF Construction Equipment moved its headquarters from Maltepe, where it’s been providing services for 10 years, to its new building in Orhanlı-Tuzla. The increase in the number of personnel as well as the need for a bigger warehouse for replacement parts, directly proportional to the company’s workload, led the company to this pursuit. Work life in the new offices, picked after a thorough search and designed to fit the needs, began in August.

Offering the employees a much more contemporary and comfortable workspace compared to the Maltepe office, the new headquarters has twice the office space at 1.600 m2, and four times the warehouse space at 2.100 m2. The 135 m2 PDI center and the 3.600 m2 open area that allows for the equipment to be exhibited are much larger than the Maltepe office. With the amenity space on the top floor of the three-story center that includes a café, gym, lounge and auditorium, SİF Construction Equipment is a candidate to be the Google of Turkey’s construction equipment sector.