STFA And The Korean Giant HYUNDAI Elevator Have Signed A Partnership Agreement

Making a powerful entry into the Turkish Market in 2010 with the collaboration of STFA Group, the Korean Giant Hyundai Elevator; carried its decision to invest in Turkey one step further with the partnership agreement it has signed. The company, with 51 percent of the shares in the new structuring will continue its activities as Hyundai Elevator Turkiye. Achieving its highest success rate outside Korea, China and India in our country was instrumental in this decision of Hyundai Elevator which carries out big and high-quality projects in the World such as subways and train stations as well as various airports, business centers and skyscrapers.

Hyundai Elevator, which also plans to manufacture in Turkey, is intending to position Turkey as a base for managing business in the Balkans and the Eastern European market.

With the partnership agreement, Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd. has owned in a rate of 51 percent majority stake. This investment in Turkey is an important indicator in terms of foreign investment and confidence in our country as Hyundai Elevator considers Turkey as an example of a successful foreign market among its global operations.

In the signing ceremony that was held at STFA Holding on July 19, 2016; Hyundai Elevator CEO Bob Jang, Hyundai Elevator CSO Crispino KJ Song, Hyundai Elevator’s Head of Global Strategy & Dev. Dept. Hanbaek Joe, Işıklar Holding Board Member Uğur Işık, STFA Group Board Member Alp Taşkent, STFA Group CEO Yetik Kadri Mert, Hyundai Elevator Turkiye Managing Director Hakan Ek participated.