Oyak RoRo Port

For Yarımca RoRo Berth Control Works: ECAP

ECAP signed a new contract with OYAK Group and his Japan based partner Nippon Yusen Kaisha Line Group (NYK Group) to provide project management and supervision services for OYAK Ro-Ro Port, which will be implemented in Yarımca / İzmit.

ECAP’s services for this investment commenced in 2017 with various engineering studies for the terminal infrastructure and continued in 2018 with the design of multi-story car park with a covered area of 220,000m2.

Annual handling capacity of the investment upon completion is estimated as 780,000 vehicles per year. As per this newly signed agreement, ECAP will provide project management and supervision services during the construction stage through its expert team to be deployed in the project site supported by its head office personnel.

Sasa, Petrokimya Tesisinin tasarımı için ECAP’ı tercih etti

SASA trusted ECAP with Design for new Petrochemical Plant

ECAP, within April 2019, signed a contract towards the master planning services of a petrochemical port, investment of which is intended by SASA Polyester Sanayi A.Ş in Yumurtalık / Adana.

Scope of the Project covers; determination of port layout in line with the requirements of the envisaged petrochemical facilities and environmental conditions along with planning of the breakwaters, various berths, storage facilities, dredging & reclamation works, cooling water intake and discharge structures, including required numerical modelling studies.

Khan Academy TR Celebrates its 5th Anniversary!

Khan Academy TR Celebrates its 5th Anniversary!

The first international initiative of the world’s biggest free online educational platform Khan Academy, founded by the STFA Group, Khan Academy TR celebrates its 5th anniversary. Operating under the roof of the STFA foundation, the “Foundation for Translation of Scientific and Technical Publications”, Khan Academy TR continues to grow as a movement of corporate social responsibility and volunteering , with the aim of providing equal opportunities for all in education.

Khan Academy TR lessons reach out to schools all around Turkey through a protocol signed with the Ministry of National Education. Khan Academy’s library includes a wide range of subjects from Math to Astronomy or from Art to Finance. Khan Academy’s library is not limited to students but provides an opportunity to anyone to improve themselves with the idea of lifelong learning. The platform draws a personalized learning map for each user, offers thousands of videos, articles and interactive exercises. Khan Academy is available in 36 languages today, used by 100 million students and 2 million teachers in schools every year. Being among one of the most important digital content providers in Turkey, Khan Academy TR is a stakeholder in the educational reform taking place all around the world as well as in Turkey.

Khan Academy TR has delivered 60 million online lessons in 5 years and has reached out to 10 million learners. Some of them were able to get into university and others obtained their university diploma thanks to those lessons. While some students could finally grasp the subject they had not understand back in high school, others mastered a topic they had imagined to study in the school of their dreams… Khan Academy TR became the biggest school in Turkey for anyone who wants to learn… This is not a source of pride only on the part of the Khan Academy TR team, but the whole the STFA family. At STFA, we believe that building the future can only happen through investing in the youth and we continue working with all our strength to carry our country forward on the path blazed by our founders. We consider ourselves as having reached our aim if we enlightened the future of even one single person…

First Caisson Has Been Successfully Submerged In Nador Port Project

First Caisson Has Been Successfully Submerged In Nador Port Project

In Nador Port Project, which is constructed in Morocco; the first caisson has been successfully submerged. Following the installation of the superstructure (steel grids and generators) and pumps to the C3A caisson (dimensions 21,30 m x 28,30 m x 25,70 m) with a weight of 8.300 tons, it was transported to the Barge by using 50 Nos of hydraulic jacks each 250 t capacity.

3.150 m3 concrete and 702 t rebar were used in the said caisson.

We would like to congratulate our colleagues for this great achievement and wish them continuous success.

STFA Celebrated 80 Anniversary

STFA Celebrated 80 Anniversary

Founded on mutual ideals of Sezai Türkeş and Feyzi Akkaya and placed among the most prestigious corporations of our country, STFA Group completed 80 years. With the history witnessing the development of the Republic, STFA fitted many “firsts” in its 80 years of history and took a leading part in development of the sector.

STFA’s Tevitöl Future Camp Received Most Innovative Corporate Social Responsibility Award

STFA’s Tevitöl Future Camp Received Most Innovative Corporate Social Responsibility Award

The winners of annual “TISK Corporate Social Responsibility Awards” organized by the Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations (TISK) were announced. Projects are evaluated based on comprehensiveness, efficiency, good practice, innovativeness and sustainability, and 9 companies received social responsibility project awards.

STFA’s Future Camp Project, launched with the goal of creating resources for TEVITOL (Turkish Education Foundation Inanç Türkeş Private High School) and focusing on education of gifted children, received the Most Innovative Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

As a project that is designed to make sure that TEVITOL, our country’s prominent educational institution focusing on gifted children, can reach out to more number of gifted and impoverished children, TEVITOL Future Camp, out of 58 projects, received the Innovativeness Award since it involves collaboration with the leading Turkish companies.

TEVITOL Future Camp, an project aiming to help students to get to know themselves better and to discover their tendencies, interests and professional abilities before choosing a university, was launched in summer under the leadership of STFA, and leading Turkish companies supported the project by making sure that their staff’s children benefit from this program.

STFA And The Korean Giant HYUNDAI Elevator Have Signed A Partnership Agreement

STFA And The Korean Giant HYUNDAI Elevator Have Signed A Partnership Agreement

Making a powerful entry into the Turkish Market in 2010 with the collaboration of STFA Group, the Korean Giant Hyundai Elevator; carried its decision to invest in Turkey one step further with the partnership agreement it has signed. The company, with 51 percent of the shares in the new structuring will continue its activities as Hyundai Elevator Turkiye. Achieving its highest success rate outside Korea, China and India in our country was instrumental in this decision of Hyundai Elevator which carries out big and high-quality projects in the World such as subways and train stations as well as various airports, business centers and skyscrapers.

Hyundai Elevator, which also plans to manufacture in Turkey, is intending to position Turkey as a base for managing business in the Balkans and the Eastern European market.

With the partnership agreement, Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd. has owned in a rate of 51 percent majority stake. This investment in Turkey is an important indicator in terms of foreign investment and confidence in our country as Hyundai Elevator considers Turkey as an example of a successful foreign market among its global operations.

In the signing ceremony that was held at STFA Holding on July 19, 2016; Hyundai Elevator CEO Bob Jang, Hyundai Elevator CSO Crispino KJ Song, Hyundai Elevator’s Head of Global Strategy & Dev. Dept. Hanbaek Joe, Işıklar Holding Board Member Uğur Işık, STFA Group Board Member Alp Taşkent, STFA Group CEO Yetik Kadri Mert, Hyundai Elevator Turkiye Managing Director Hakan Ek participated.

STFA Won Qatar Doha Metro “Gold Line” Tender

STFA, Within a Consortium of Five, Competed Against World’s Biggest Companies and Won Qatar Doha Metro “Gold Line” Tender for $4.4 billion

STFA, Turkey’s leading construction company with important and prestigious construction projects domestically and abroad, have won the “Gold Line” tender, the largest line within the Qatar Doha Metro, as part of a consortium of five, named ALYSJ.

The Gold Line tender, one of the investments being made in preparation for 2022 World Cup, is the biggest project in Qatar for this purpose with a cost of $4.4 billion.

With the signing ceremony held on April 23, 2014, STFA with its partners achieved the biggest tender ever won by Turkish contractors abroad.

Construction projects proceed without slowing down in the Gulf country Qatar, which will host the 2022 World Cup. Many companies from Turkey and around the world have put in for the projects in Qatar, which include Metros, underground stations, railroads, stadiums, shopping malls, hotels, highways, bridges, immersed tunnels and reservoirs. About 700 companies showed interest in one of the most important of these projects, the Doha Metro tender, and 70 joint ventures made up of 290 of these companies submitted competency files. The employer lowered the number of joint ventures first to 32, then to 18 and invited these joint ventures for the tenders. The $4.4 billion-worth Gold Line packet of the Doha Metro, made up of four main lines, was signed by STFA and its partners.

This project reinforces STFA’s presence in Qatar and the Middle East as well as the strategic positioning as the leading international constructor.

Enerya Associated With Partners Group

Partners Group of Switzerland, one of the world’s foremost financial institutions, has become a party to Enerya, the company handling STFA Investment Holding’s energy investments, to the tune of 30% of its shares. This deal brought Partners Group into the Turkish energy market with such a sizeable investment.

Enerya, one of the most important actors in the Turkish energy sector, will continue its rapid growth with a foreign partner that’s influential in international markets. Partners Group and STFA Investment Holding announced their partnership in a signing ceremony that took place at the Çırağan Palace on September 4. The ceremony was attended by STFA Investment Holding CEO Mehmet Ali Neyzi and Enerya General Manager Aslan Uzun, as well as Head of Private Finance and Board Member René Biner and Head of Private Infrastructure Investments Brandon Prater on behalf of Partners Group.

Partners Group, of Switzerland, is one of the world’s biggest private funding, infrastructure and real estate investment companies with its turnover of 30 billion Euros. Group’s investments, with the funds it manages for its international investors, include two natural gas cycle plants in North America with a total capacity of 1500 MW, “Madrilena Red de Gas” company that handles natural gas distribution in the Spanish capital Madrid, Mexican pipeline operators “Fermaca” with its daily capacity of 1.2 billion mmbtu and “Japan Solar,” installing and constructing solar farms all around Japan. With this deal, Partners Group will combine forces with STFA Investment Holding under the Enerya umbrella and make joint investments in the energy sector, natural gas distribution chief among them.

SİF Construction Equipment Moved Into New Headquarters At Orhanli

SİF Construction Equipment moved its headquarters from Maltepe, where it’s been providing services for 10 years, to its new building in Orhanlı-Tuzla. The increase in the number of personnel as well as the need for a bigger warehouse for replacement parts, directly proportional to the company’s workload, led the company to this pursuit. Work life in the new offices, picked after a thorough search and designed to fit the needs, began in August.

Offering the employees a much more contemporary and comfortable workspace compared to the Maltepe office, the new headquarters has twice the office space at 1.600 m2, and four times the warehouse space at 2.100 m2. The 135 m2 PDI center and the 3.600 m2 open area that allows for the equipment to be exhibited are much larger than the Maltepe office. With the amenity space on the top floor of the three-story center that includes a café, gym, lounge and auditorium, SİF Construction Equipment is a candidate to be the Google of Turkey’s construction equipment sector.