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Khan Academy TR library reaches 10,000 videos

Founded by social entrepreneur Salman Khan in 2008 at the Silicon Valley, Khan Academy has published its 10,000th video lesson in Turkish. Khan’s first international affiliate, Khan Academy TR has been operating under the STFA Foundation for Translation of Scientific and Technical Publications, since 2012.


Khan Academy is often referred to as “The Pioneer of Online Learning”.  The platform is now offering free online lessons in 52 languages, having incorporated many more languages since the establishment of Khan Academy TRIt has delivered more than 300 million lessons in our country alone. During the pandemic, Khan Academy has been the most preferred resource for distance learning, used by 130 million students and 10 million teachers in more than 190 countries. Total number of people that learned with Khan Academy around the world is more than 500 million


Khan Academy’s content library includes a wide variety of subjects such as math, science, art history and economics for different levels and age groups, from pre-school to college with an approach of life-long learning. Apart from 10,000 Turkish videos, the platform offers more than 100,000 interactive exercises and articles. It also features an artificial intelligence that enables individuals to learn through a personalized path at their own time and own pace. Thanks to the reporting system, individuals have the opportunity to track their progress while parents and teachers are provided with advanced tools. Khan Academy aims to support not only anyone who wishes to learn, but also students registered in formal education systems. Thus, Khan Academy content is also available for students and teachers through the Educational Informatics Network, shortly known as EBA, in collaboration with the Turkish Ministry of National Education.


Khan Academy Turkish content library is the second largest after English among the platform’s 52 languages, reaching 10,000 online video lessons. Sponsored by the STFA Foundation for Translation of Scientific and Technical Publications, established by Sezai Türkeş, the late co-founder of STFA in 1992, Khan Academy TR has contributed to the education of 23.8 million Turkish speakers in the past decade. Combining corporate social responsibility and volunteering with a social mission to change education for the better; Khan Academy provides a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere, thanks to important supporters such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, Google, Tata and STFA.


Khan Academy’s Turkish platform can be reached at and by sharing Khan Academy TR on social media, you can help us reach more people and offer them a free, world-class learning as well as teaching resource. With this message, we wish to share the exciting news with you by reminding that there are only a handful of education platforms across the world which offer 10,000 video lessons, and hope that, as a member of STFA Group, you share our pride and joy. Eid Mubarak!

Turkey Wealth Fund Refinery And Petrochemical Plant Geotechnical Investigations

STFA Temel Araştırma ve Sondaj A.Ş.  has signed a contract with  TVF Rafineri ve Petrokimya San. ve Tic. A.Ş on 10.02.2021 to carry out the geotechnical investigations of the Refinery and Petrochemical facility of TVF in Hatay, Dörtyol area.

Within the scope of the project, On land; a total of 2250 m drilling, 50 nos CPTu test, various in situ tests, Geophysical Measurements, Seismic Assessment, Geological mapping, geotechnical reporting and at nearshore, a total of 800 m drilling, 10 nos Sea Bed CPT u, various in situ tests, bathymetric, side-scan sonar, magnetometer and sub-bottom profiling will be measured and SHOD approvals will be obtained for bathymetric studies. The project has started preparations for mobilization and the delivery time is 90 days, excluding relevant technical report approvals from ministries. For field works on land, a total of 4 nos drilling rigs, Land CPT,  various geophysical, in situ test equipment’s and for nearshore Works Ergun Hoca, Jack Up, Taner Mut Barge, Sea Bed CPT, tugboat will be utilized.

Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant 10uqa Main Pump Station And Turkmenistan Garabogaz Fertilizer Factory Swio Area Floor Improvement Has Successfully Completed Its Works

STFA Temel Araştırma ve Sondaj A.Ş. has signed a soil improvement contract with Kasktaş Kayar Kalıp Altyapı Sondaj Kazık ve Tecrit A.Ş on 25.07.2020 for  Akkuyu Nükler Power Plant 10UQA Main Pump Station soil improvement works and started the constructions on 18.08.2020 and successfully 23.12.2020 by producing of a total of 76.330 m Jet Grout columns.

In addition, STFA Temel Araştırma ve Sondaj A.Ş. has signed another contract with GAP İnşaat Yatırım ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş. Turkmenistan branch for the soil improvement works of Garabogaz Fertilizer Factory SWIO area. Between the dates of 8.09.2020 and 30.11.2020, soil improvement work at Garaboğaz Soil Fertilizer Factory was successfully completed. By employing suitable equipment, 159 injection holes were drilled below the foundations and 262.267 liters of grout injection were made. The probable settlements of the foundations are completely controlled.

Final Acceptance Letter Has Been Received For Safi Port Project

Final acceptance letter has been received on 20.11.2020 for “Safi Port” Project, which was undertaken as STFA Deniz İnşaat A.Ş. by the contract signed on 07.03.2013 with the Ministry of Equipment and Transport.

The project consists of construction work for the New Port of Safi: Protection Structures, Coal Dock, Service Dock, Dredging and General Backfills; Main Breakwater and Lee Breakwater (approx. 3000 m), Coal Berth Quay Wall, Service Quay Wall.

Khan Academy TR delivers 500,000 lessons per day!

Founded by STFA as the first international initiative of Khan Academy, the world’s leading online learning platform, Khan Academy TR has delivered 50 million lessons last semester after the Ministry of National Education transitioned to Distance Learning. Offering educational resources in 45 languages and 190 countries today, Khan Academy has been the praised by students, teachers and parents all around the globe in the pandemic, and  it has also been the top choice for Turkish learners.

1.6 billion learners corresponding to 90% of the student population in the world were unable to attend school in person due to the pandemic. In Turkey, 16 million K12 students, over 4 million university students and around 1.5 million teachers, academics and educators were engaged in distance learning for 3 months starting from March. During this process, demand for Khan Academy Türkçe’s website increased by a factor of four per peak period, and by a factor of two-and-a-half on average. As a result of the collaboration agreement signed with the Ministry of National Education, the number of lessons delivered by Khan Academy TR per day reached 500,000 including the lessons delivered on EBA, which stands for Education and Informatics Network.

Operating under the STFA Foundation for Translation of Scientific and Technical Publications with an aim to provide equal opportunities for all in education, Khan Academy TR has become a prominent digital content provider with its library reaching up to 9,000 online video lessons. Not only during today’s extraordinary conditions, Khan Academy’s educational resources are free, for everyone, forever; thanks to STFA Group’s corporate social responsibility. Having touched the lives of 15 million learners in Turkey through its website, Khan Academy also reaches out to all schools, students, and teachers across Turkey via the Ministry’s EBA platform to support formal education. Helping to change education for the better, this pride belongs to the whole STFA Group. We believe that in order to build the future, we need to invest in our youth and we continue to work to the best of our abilities in the field of education, among others to carry our country forward.

As the 2020-2021 school year begins today with distance learning, we wish a healthy and successful academic year to all students, teachers, and parents; particularly those in the STFA Family. We commemorate with great respect the late Mr. Sezai TÜRKEŞ, a leader with great insight both in business life and social responsibility and the founder of our Foundation on the 22nd anniversary of his decease.  We dedicate the success of Khan Academy TR to STFA’s beloved “AĞABEY” whose vision will always guide us.

A free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere!